Radiation Therapy

Topics: Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Cancer Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: April 16, 2013
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Public Speaking
March 8, 2013

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about radiation therapy. Central Idea: To clearly understand radiation therapy, you must know about the different types and side effects. Introduction
During my life, I have seen how harsh cancer can be. It has took a toll of many people’s lives and changed families all over. I have witnessed it first hand as it has affected my family and has taken people from me who were very important. Experiencing these happenings at a young age, I never understood and always wished there was something I could do. It took me a very long time, but I finally realized that there is something I can do to help people who are battling with cancer. When I heard the words “radiation therapy” and I did a little research, I immediately desired to learn more. According to the Cleveland Clinic website, radiation therapy is a form of cancer treatment that uses radiation (strong beams of energy) to kill cancer cells or keep them from growing and dividing. Radiation therapy may be used in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy to treat cancer. I would like to inform you further on radiation therapy by telling you about the types and side effects. (Transition: First, let’s look at the different types.)

I. There are several types of radiation therapy treatment. A. According to the MD Anderson Cancer Center website, external beam radiation therapy is one of the basic types. 1. External beam radiation comes from a machine that aims radiation at the cancer. a. The machine is large and can sometimes be noisy.

b. The machine does not touch the patient, but rotates around them sending radiation from different directions. 2. During external, a beam (or multiple beams) of radiation is directed through the skin to the cancer to destroy the main tumor. c. It is also directed to the area surrounding the tumor to get any nearby cancer cells. 3. Most people get...
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