Radiation Pose a Serious Health Hazard

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EMF Radiation pose a serious health hazard

Student’s Name: Jay Sun
Student ID#: QING21667
Teacher: Jesse Pritchett
Due Date: 16 January 2013
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Effects of EMF radiate on Toddlers
Heather Vale Gross, effects of EMF radiation on Toddlers (2010), available from: http://www.livestrong.com/article/132529-effects-emf-radiation-toddlers/ [Accessed 1, Jan 2013]
The Effects of EMF radiation on Toddlers is the leading journal of radiation and it aims to advertise the effect of radiation to the people to the happiness. The partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), which is able to supply evidence for people affected by cancer. This article proved the toddlers, young children, will be affected by the radiation efficiently. The article also listed some diseases which are related to the EMF’s harm, such as childhood leukemia, other cancers, asthma, behavioral and learning disabilities. The key finding is the relation between children and radiation. Additionally, most radiation exposure happened at home or in day care facilities can lead to risk for childhood diseases. Only a lower level of magnetic field radiation has an increased risk of childhood cancer. The conclusions was that EMF harms the toddlers’ health and we should keep the children away from the EFM field. The author, Heather Vale Gross, is a writer, interviewer and seasoned journalist and is well known as The Unwrapper. She is the expert of the childhood fitness and nutrition specialist with a background in mind-body-spirit health. The strengths of the article are that it used lots of studies of reliable organizations and specialists, and it also use some medical term to show what the diseases are. The limitation is the article only mention to keep the children away from the EMF but not say how. The article’s key word is the toddlers and it is suitable for my topic about the effect on...
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