Radcliffe-Brown and Structural Functionalism

Topics: Life, Emotion, Loneliness Pages: 3 (644 words) Published: May 5, 2013
1) What is depression ?
* Definition of depression
* Who gets depression

2) What is the causes of depression ?
* Psychosocial factors
* Biological factors
* Genetic factors

3) What do people think about depression ?
* People’s ideas

4) How would people deal with depression ?
* With Professional help
* With new occupation

5) Conclusion

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Depression is a disease which occurs with some emotional,mental,behavioral and physical problems.Person,who in depression,is unhappy,hopeless and pessimistic,emotionaly.Also,person feels alone and sad yourself.Nowadays,from baby to elderly,depression is psychological disease which can occur all people.It means that depression is very common disease,so we can come across the depression one out of every four people.Women become depressed more than men.Normal Daily emotional distresses are not depression.Some syptoms must continue nearly all day and last fifteen days to call depression. Depression has a lot of causes.Those causes are psychosocial,biological and genetic factors.First of all,causes of depression’s psychosocial factors.Psychosocial factors include stressful life events such as loss of parents at an early age,loss of spouse,family problems,vocational problems,relationship problems,failure,loneliness or change of seasons.Secondly,biological factors cause depression.For example,serious illnesses,some medicines,cancer,epilepsy,pregnancy-birth,menopause and andropause.Also,lack of hormone serotonin and depomine are biological factors.Finally,genetic factors cause depression.If person’s family tree has depression,person can into depression. Many people have more or less information about depression.Also,they have some idea about...
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