Racism Today

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, United States Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: September 30, 2005
Racism Today

Racism has been a major problem in society from the 1950's until this day. Being racist means believing that there is only one superior race. These beliefs are a main cause in riots, boycotts and other such outrages.

Even though there have been laws passed in order to help control racist acts; it has not changed the thoughts of many people today who still remain racist. Race plays a very large role when it comes down to the way the public is treated. In some cases for example, some businesses will refuse to hire another person that differs from their own race. Another example of this is the use of racial jokes, comments and names. Some hypocrites will claim to be anti-racist while they use racial nicknames in their daily vocabulary.

After the civil war, most of the race crimes and racial conflicts took place in the southern states, but now these problems have worked their way up North. Now these racial problems are found mostly in New Jersey and New York, two of the most populated states on the east coast. Everyday there are acts of racism evolving from different areas all over the USA. On June 13, 1998, James Byrd Jr., a 49 year old man from Texas, was beaten unconscious and chained to the back of a pick up truck, where 3 white men dragged him along for miles. This is only one example of recent racial violence in America.

Although some racism is still involving African Americans, it is becoming more pointed towards the large amount of Eastern Asians now living in the United States. Many individuals don't like the fact that these individuals are running most of the gas stations and 7 11's, and so this is where the racial comments and nicknames are started. This jumping off point is where most racial crimes are rooted and grown from.

In comparing racism now to 50 years ago, a lot has changed, but also a lot has remained the same. The changes that have been made to prevent most acts of racial violence are laws...
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