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Racism: Race and Chinese Restaurant Owners

By CourteneyStacey Apr 14, 2013 497 Words
Everyone has been racist before. Whether it just be a little joke or a serious act against their race every one hears it and reacts to it therefore racism will never stop. It’s a mental thing and most people don’t see the real affect and how bad it really is. Tv shows, movies, pictures its everywhere. But let’s just imagine what it would be like to be a african american person being bullied for the color of his skin, or a Asian because of his eyes those are things they cannot change. How scarred and mentally damaged that person now is. He was born that way and people should not judge so harshly because that’s just how they look on the outside its whats on the inside and inside they are human just like everyone else their appearance doesn’t change the person it doesn’t make them bad, it’s just their race. People shouldn’t be so negative and make fun of someone. Or want to actually kill them, wipe out their whole race! That’s stupid! They are human just like the people who are trying to kill or make fun of them. A lot of acts of racism have been done in the history of mankind. From right to where we were cave man! Beating each other with logs because they are darker than them and therefore now known as a threat. To This very second here in 2013. Lets go back in history to when the holocaust was happening. Why did it happen? because in 1933 the Nazi's who came to power in Germany believed that they were '' racially superior '' and that the Jews deemed ''inferior '' were an alien threat to the so - called German racial community. This all happened because the germans wanted germans and germans only. they hated every other race on the planet, therefore they killed every jew in sight. every country they conqured they killed everyone person who was not german. 6 million jews were killed in this process. 200,000 Gypsies from Rome where killed and Between two and three million Soviet perisoners of war were murdered or died of starvation, disease, neglect, or maltreatment. but thats not it. Did you know that in the 19th century, there were thousands of KKK members in Canada? At the same time, did you know that it was a crime for Chinese restaurant owners to hire white women? racism is a thought that should be wiped out of the minds of the human being. what good is it doing? making that person feel better about their race. when we are all the exact same, we are all human, so really they are hurtting their own people. lets now look at the people trying to stop racism. its a very big topic in every part of the world over half the population of the world is against racism. its a very big topic in every part of the world. Acts of rebel for racsim like

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