Racism: Past, Present, Future

Topics: Racism, Race, Discrimination Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 8, 2010
Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits, and capacities, and that racial differences produce an inherent superioty of a particular race. America has had a long history of racism. Racism has infiltrated every aspect of American society, and shows no sign of decreasing. This fact is more easily understood if racism is viewed for what it really is at it’s core : an institutional ideology. It is a misunderstanding to equate racism with the evil-minded treatment of on person to another. Racism is more than just personal hatred for somebody. No, racism is allowed to subsist because it is fostered, and maintained by institutions, and government, however unwittingly. Even if individuals within groups or members of a corporate hierarchy determine that the practices of a particular institution are racist, those individuals would be hard pressed to bring about change. I believe this issue is important because I am an African American, and my ancestors indured the pain of dealing with racism, discrimination etc., and its an issue people are still gong through today whether you are Hispanic, African American or Caucasian : I believe racism is indefinitely wrong, and is not tolerable under any circumstances.

The problem of racism is a complex one; it is difficult to characterize it or place it into any one category due to its far-reaching effects and implications. It is evident, however, that moral issues generate social concerns which, in turn, must be dealt with by political means. Therefore, if the government’s response to social issues is inadequate, the moral issues that precipitated the problems will continue to exist and grow worse. Such is the problem of racism in America.

The thoughts and affections of men cannot be legislated; the secret hates and prejudices of an individual heart are not bridled by any law. Only the actions of a person can be, to any extent, controlled. So, if there is a law that dictates that no one will be...
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