Racism is a problem

Topics: Poetry, Emily Brontë, Love Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Explication Paper (Rough Draft)
Poems have the ability to express hidden emotions through words. In particular, the poem written by Francis William Bourdillon “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” enables the reader to think more critically and to analyze the present world. “The Night-Wind” by Emily Bronte captures the essence of true love; she encourages the readers to analyze their surroundings. Both poems have a great message being sent. They call the reader to think outside the box. In “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes,” Bourdillon makes the comparison of night and day, and the mind and heart. He uses expressive metaphors to convey his message. The poem is very short, however, requires an analysis of the world. Bourdillon is saying that the mind has so much going in and out of it. The mind has so many concerns and capabilites. That is why he uses makes the connection of the mind and a thousand eyes. Moreover, he says something interesting about the heart. He says that with the absence of love within one’s heart, their whole life dies. The poem is painting an image of what the human life consists of. He paints the needs, worries, and wants. The worries are the eyes; they are those which are plentiful. The worries are when the light of the world dies. He expresses the needs of heart, which is love. He goes deeper with the importance of and says that without love, the whole life dies. Bourdillon closes the poem with this verse, Yet the light of whole life dies/ when love is done.

The implication of the poem is that the heart has one eye. Love is what the heart is desperately seeking and thrives off of. This means that life is no longer flourishing. Joy and happiness are non-existent without the presence of love within the heart. In Bourdillon’s poem he uses figurative language to convey the importance of love. In the first stanza he compares night and day. These are both complete opposites, and convey two different messages. He also uses features of humans to...
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