Racism in the 21st Century

Topics: Discrimination, Racism, Affirmative action Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Aaron Raymer
Writing 0800
21 October 2012
Racism in the 21st Century
People in the 21st century are inadvertently racist. To combat this problem, whether it is conscious racism or not, the United States has implemented affirmative-action programs. These programs are in place to protect all people from hate because of their race, and promote a fair and prosperous nation that is equally fair to all its citizens. Racism today isn’t like it was in the past, people have a very emotional reaction because of the hate and discrimination that our nation experienced as late as the 1960’s. The issue of racism brings lots of emotions out in people of many colors and creeds, and has greatly shaped America’s attitude’s in the past and its policies of the future. Racism in modern time isn’t really as much about violence, but rather emotional distress. We call this aversive racism. The income rate of whites versus other minorities is still growing further apart with whites pay increasing much faster. Employers that are aversively racist will hire whites over minorities even though the minority might be the better fit for the job. Aversive racism can even be seen during crisis. A Caucasian person might not help a Hispanic person in crisis if they think that someone else might help them, or they may choose to help another Caucasian person before helping someone of another race. With this in mind the distrust and tension rises from minorities against the government and the majority of population. Reverse discrimination is another problem that comes along with racism. Minorities are being picked over the majority population in jobs and schooling due to the fact that they are minorities, and not because they are more qualified. People feel that regardless of whether someone is the best candidate for a particular position or prize, they must choose more diverse candidates and may choose minorities instead. I feel that there needs to be a sense on equality...
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