Racism in Sports

Topics: Racism, African American, Black people Pages: 5 (1663 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Racism in Sports
Racism is a belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or in inferior. Racism in the form of discrimination persists in society. Racism in sports occurs in both team and individual sports around the world. Sports itself does not induce racism. Sports are meant to be a colorblind activity that adheres to the notion of fair play. Racism in sports is a problem which manifest around the world. It led to a wide range of controversial incidents. Racism in sports is only a big problem because the media is choosing to make it one. Racism in sports played a major role in this ranking, therefore racism is still exists today in society as well as sports. Racism has not been against African Americans but many different races too. Sports racism is happening more often and becoming a bigger issue. Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others. People argue that talking about supporting racial discrimination and prejudice just words. Others point out them words can lead to come very dire and serious consequences. Some people believe racism in sport is more of a European thing that is likely to happen in football game or formula one racing. Racism has been rampant even in American sports like basketball, baseball, and other sports like cricket, athletics and golf. People think racism is permissible and that they can get away with it. Early as 18th century when Americans were introduced to golf, the whites assumed power over the game, forcing the blacks to serve as caddies. Athletes are subjected to racism. For example, Jesse Owens an American athlete, and other African American athletes of the 1930,s when the country was deal with segregation problems the team had to stay "black-only" zones. They team had to stay and eat in “black-only” hotels when they traveled the few “white-only” hotels that let the African Americans athletes stay , made them use the back door is=instead of stairs and the elevator. Racism is also seems as something that comes with the cultural background of the sports person. Sporting nations across the world a sport is akin to a religion. People who can’t understand each other due to linguistic differences still share a love for the same sport for that reason the fight against racism must triumph, that the love for sport doesn’t diminish. Jackie Robinson is a great story to tell when you’re talking about racism in sports. Jackie Robinson took the field for the first time in Brooklyn Dodgers uniform. He shattered baseball color barrier. Also, confronted racial discrimination in America giving millions of blacks hope for equality not only in sports but in jobs, housing and education. There was little sense of history on April15, 1947 in the sports pages of daily newspaper, even in New York City. The Brooklyn Eagle left Robinson out of its game story. The Eagle columnist Tommy Holmes wrote that it was the first time that "an acknowledge Negro" had taken the field in the major leagues. Daily News didn't mention Robinson until the last paragraph of his story. "Red" Smith, one of the greatest names in sports writing, mentioned Robinson for the first time in the 12th paragraph of his column, referring to ballplayer as "that dark and anxious young man." Arthur Daley, who later became the first sportswriter to win a Pulitzer Prize, did not write about how Robinson did in the game. Daley tried to assure his readers that Robinson was the "right type" of black man. "The muscular Negro minds his own and shrewdly makes no effort to push himself," Daley said. “He speaks intelligently when spoken to and already has made a strong impression." There was little sense of significance of the game in daily newspapers throughout the country. It paid little attention to issues of racial discrimination. It doesn't matter if it was baseball or elsewhere in society. Baseball could not...
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