Racism in Our Education System

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Education, White people Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Racial Gap

Racism isn’t a very new topic. This issue has been there since many years and it is not reducing. Racism exists everywhere, especially in schools, which reflect in the student’s grades. There is a problem within our education system and that there is racial profiling that happens in which kids of color or minorities are not given the same preference or acknowledgment from not only their peers but their teachers too. Race has always been a deciding factor for many things. But, do our sociologists and those in charge of our education system stop and think about the effects racial discrimination and group have on the academic performance of those that are a victim to it? National attention has been drawn to the fact that racial gap in academic achievement, on our country’s education system and society in general is poor.

The education system in our country needs help and with a great number of minorities living in our country with poor grades, which reflects poorly on Canadian values and its education system. Canada is year after year ranked below developing countries in the academic ranking yet they have the most facilities and the biggest education budget. If this issue is taken care, there would be increase in the ranking position. However, it should be noted that our poor ranking is simply because of the poor grades of minorities as we have a large number of minorities. So, their poor grades weigh heavily on the general Canadian ranking so this issue should not be taken trivially. We should tackle this issue rather than we throw out money on other things, we should invest it in education so our future generations have more to work with. General public should show more interest to change the system and especially people associated or linked with the Canadian educational system. Students should also take part in this so that they can give their perspective and the issue might be looked at differently. Student’s perspective can help open out the...
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