Racism in Movie Crash

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, African American, Racism Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: September 20, 2011
The story begins a few days before Christmas in Los Angeles, Jean and her L.A. District Attorney husband Rick are carjacked by a couple of African American guys. Soon after in another part of L.A., a racist cop Ryan and his partner Hanson pull over an African American TV director Cameron and his wife Christine, for no cause. Officer Ryan sexually molested attractive Christine in front of her helpless husband. Officer Ryan has an explanation like "searching” for hidden weapons inside a woman's cloth"! That night a series of racially biased incidents takes place in different parts of L.A. The movie is made from a series of incidents of L.A. people's lives, and how their racial intolerance causes them to be indifferent and depressed. Many of these disturbing events grow into racial intolerance and racial stereotyping. This is a film that deals with a common problem of "Racism" that is prevalent in many modern American societies and also explores how intolerance and prejudice are a collective problem for the American society. In each of the episodes it aggressively shows the racial and sexual barriers that separate characters from understanding each other. It succeeded in making the story as well as the characters believable and the greater message is to the world that "appearances can be deceiving" and "modern America is not free from racism and social class division". This film dares to bring to light some of these prejudices that many people experience in one form or another during their life in America. The episode that really sticks out in my mind is when Cameron and his wife were pulled over by Officer Ryan and his partner. Just watching how Officer Ryan violated all of Cameron’s rights, and not only humiliated him in front of his wife, but sexually molested her enraged me because this is the type of stuff that goes on more times than not in America. Black people especially black men are often the victims of such intolerable act by officers...
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