Racism in Media

Topics: Discrimination, Mass media, Racism Pages: 6 (2341 words) Published: March 15, 2012

“Hey Niger what’s up?” The most typical racist comment found in our media nowadays. Racism is an issue that seems to grow broader as time goes along, when it ultimately should be dying down.  Why do we have the constant need to put down the ones that are “different” than what we are used to? Is it a sense of self-gratification to see someone as low while you are standing above them?  To discriminate against blacks, gender and race has become a trademark. Knowing how and when to use the most offensive remarks has become a common trend in our society. Bringing out the difference in other people is a way of making one feel better. People don’t have to have a reason or a basis to discriminate. It’s funny how there are people of all sorts of backgrounds that come from different demographics and are raised in dissimilar ways and the one thing that is in common with all of them is the ability to be degrading. Racism is almost like an immortal disease that once spread can never seize to end. We don’t see people’s self-respect when we hear them badmouthing other people’s standards. Usually the ones who discriminate think they are superior to others. They belittle the discriminated groups making them inferior. One source that makes it more than easy to be ethnocentric is Hollywood. Hollywood claims a higher power of bringing upon these subliminal views in their multimillion movies, music and advertisements. To bring out these messages they use the same sayings repetitively until the human mind is manipulated. Racism is found in the media by forms of discrimination against race, gender and religion. The discrimination of race is primarily found in Hollywood movies. People shouldn’t be influenced by the message that they view since it is made to enhance the human mind into taking a stand about an issue of no purpose. For starters, the black race is known to be discriminated against and mostly perceived as criminals or gang members. As the article, “Mass Media and Racism” by Stephen Balkaran states, “Media have divided the working class and stereotyped young African-American males as gangsters or drug dealers.” As a consequence of this behaviour, the media has destroyed the young blacks generations hopes for achieving their goals and have made it harder for them to be able to maintain a positively flowing career. The article also states that, “The media have focused on the negative aspects of the black community (e.g. engaging in drug use, criminal activity, welfare abuse) while maintaining the cycle of poverty that the elite wants.” This goes to prove that the class of white people, which is considered to be upper class, is approving this racial-division because it allows them to always have access to the upper hand. What is faulty about Hollywood’s perspective is that they keep showing the public one image about a certain category therefore that is the image that will forever stick in people’s minds. In the article, “Seeing is Believing”, Joanne Harris states, “What becomes of the child who repeatedly sees only negative, stereotypical images of blacks? The child believes what he or she sees.” This goes to show us that children’s minds are like play dough, they can be moulded into thinking in any which way that we want them to think. Also, once a child has a certain idea in his/her brain it can be excruciatingly hard for them to change their train of thought. They say that slavery ended years ago; well this is a special kind of slavery, one that shows people being seen as incompetent in the eyes of billions just because they were marked this way from the beginning. “The culture has not always been valued; it certainly has not been valued by white America. In terms of the value and worth of the humanity of black folks, it has been sometimes very urgently and profoundly denied.”

Moving along the discrimination of the Arabs is almost as great as blacks. We live in a world today where when one thing is proclaimed it will be held...
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