Racism in Having Our Say

Topics: White people, African American, Racism Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Having Our Say
“The truth is you’re born a certain way and there’s some things you can change and some things you can’t” One of the many smart truthful things that Elizabeth Delany (Bessie) said. As Bessie and Sarah Delany (Sadie) grow up, the book Having our Say by Amy Hill Hearth and the two sisters follows every bit of the sisters lives through their own eyes just as they remembered it. As the two “colored” women are born and raised in the south they are raised on the campus of Saint Augustine’s school so they are well educated. Bessie and Sadie both had two very different ways of reacting to the racist treatment. Bessie would always make a stand and speak her mind, Sadie would sit back and ignore it or act like she didn’t know what to do in both was the two sisters won the fight.

Bessie and Sadie both are very different from each other even though they lived together from the day they were born until the day they died. The two varied in many things from the way they handled racist treatment to how they lived their lives to even the color of their skin. Bessie being darker got more and harsher racism than Sadie being lighter so Bessie always had more to deal with and tougher racism. Though the two sisters are different in many ways they are also similar in many. Some being they came from the same family, they both were sisters. They never married, the both had nice respectable jobs, they went to college, and they are extremely well educated.

Bessie always made her point known, she was never quiet about standing up for herself and people of her kind and she always stood up against racism and to white people. Once when she was walking back from a hotel a drunk white man came up to her and grabbed her arm and she yelled at him and told him to back off or she would get the police. Sadie may have ignored the man or removed his arm and kept walking. Though it is a serious case where she may have reacted in a similar way. Another time when Bessie was in a...
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