Racism In Football

Topics: Manchester United F.C., Premier League, Alex Ferguson Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Racism in Football
Football is one the biggest and most popular sports in the world. It has grown rapidly from a small sport originally played by the Romans and Greeks to a worldwide hobby. However, it could be suggested that with the growing problem that is racism, football is becoming known as a sport for hooligans. This aggressive attitude is ever present amongst the fans and players alike and this is not how football should be.

Why is racism is football a big issue? With recent cases such as John Terry and Anton Ferdinand and also Luis Suarez’s racist remarks towards Antonio Valencia, the increasing aggression is becoming evident and frowned upon by football critics. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson claimed: ‘Apart from last year, I don’t think it’s been an issue. I’ve not seen anything for 20 years. Suddenly one bad year doesn’t cast the game in doubt as far as I’m concerned.’ Although Alex Ferguson is highly regarded in the footballing industry, his bias is evident, being a lover of football. Understandably, racism is not just a problem in football but in many sports, at all levels - from amateur to professional. However one cannot just disregard it for this reason; it can have devastating effects on young people when they see their role models calling other competitors cheats because of their skin colour.

Racism is common in all Football Leagues. From the Bundesliga to the Barclays Premier League, racism clouds over the teams’ stadiums. Lots of people (including many football fans) have noticed the abuse and racism getting worse as the years have passed. Sir Alex Whittingdale- an MP of the FA said: “We believe it is the FA’s responsibility to lead and set the example for everyone, from football authorities at all levels to the grassroots groups, to follow.” It is evident that Whittingdale is showing a mature response to the situations that occur weekly in football, but is it likely that racism and abuse will die down in the years...
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