Racism in Europe

Topics: Plessy v. Ferguson, Homer Plessy, New Orleans Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: November 23, 2008
Racism in Europe For Example: Racism in France has evolved into a withstanding social problem in France, Immigrants especially those bearing visible signs of ethnic and cultural difference have been targets of racial violence in recent years. The anti-immigrant national front, lead by Jan-Marie le pen, blames immigrants, particularly from north Africa, for high unemployment and urban violence in France.National programmes are in place to address racism, including the diversification of France’s police force, but many underlying problems still remain unknown. The degree to which racism is a problem in Britain is a source of debate. Some say it is a hidden tradition and others believe that decency and fair play prevail. Expressions of racism include not only those based on colour but also those based on culture. Poverty, Poor housing, and unemployment were some of the causes behind inter-city disturbances of the 1980s.Black people and some group of Asians in Britain suffer from higher unemployment than whites, and have had comparatively little mobility within the employment market. These groups also have tended to have inferior housing, education and healthcare. The, situation is improving among the generations born in Britain. Another example of early black opposition to segregation led to the important case of plessy v. Ferguson (1896).In 1891 a group of people of mixed African and European ancestry, who called themselves” persons of colour”, in new Orleans banded together to fight segregation on trains in Louisiana. They formed the citizens committee to test the constitutionality of the separate car law. They raised $3000 for the cost of a test case. Albion Tourgee,a former judge, nationally prominent writer, and one of the nations leading white advocate of black rights, agreed to take the case without fee. In June 1892 Homer A.Plessy purchased a first class ticket on the east Louisiana railroad and sat in a car reserved for white costumers. A conductor...
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