Racism from past to present

Topics: Racism, Race, Ottoman Empire Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Racism is the belief that a race is superior to all other races and has the right to manage all other races. This term emphasizes the superiority in terms of the biological differences, such as color and gender. In the history, although racism was used to organize daily life in clans, with Greeks it gained its negative meaning. With the Renaissance and the Reform, Europeans discovered new nations and places. However, according to Europeans’ understanding, these new people can only be slaves. Therefore, racism has actually begun. The first modern fascist leader of European, Mussolini had a strong belief about being racist. He did not give right to live to any thought but his thought. He killed many people. In addition, Hitler was another fascist leader who murdered millions of people because of their races. Thus racism has become known. Basically, as both Connelly (2004, p.72) and Shah (2010, para.1) say that people have tendency to be superior to others. Shah adds that racism has been used as weapons. As it was in the past, racism still exists all over the world. Proponents of the idea that racism still exist claim that due to laws, racism cannot exist. They also mention that according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all humans are equal. They may have a point but laws cannot prevent racism and racists. Laws are valid only racists are caught. In the United States for example, although punishment is serious, racism exists in the aspect of black and white. Blacks have separate neighborhood from whites, they do not like whites’ thoughts or they do not have a white person in their environment. The reason for this is that in the past, whites saw and used blacks as slaves. In today, there is not a comprehension about being slave but whites still humiliates blacks. This causes white racism. Moreover, racists do not have to show how they believe or they do not have to discriminate. They can only have thoughts of being racist and laws cannot catch or prevent...

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