Racism For Muslims In America

Topics: Islam, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1097 words) Published: April 15, 2015
April Medrano
Professor Natisha Cottrell
Engl 1302
6 October 2014
One World Free of Judgment
The beauty of America is the unification of multiple skin colors, nationalities, religions, ethic, and morals. America has always been the escape for a better life of obtaining freedom. With many nationalities, skin colors, religions comes racism. Racism is “(the prejudice that member of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races).” (WordNet) Racism had been a major problem in the early creation of this county, with time this issue became attainable with different movements but never eliminated. Although, America attempts to remain the image of anti-racism after September 11, 2001 life for Muslims in America would change forever. The creditability Muslims had collapsed with the world trade center. With the amendment freedom of speech news stations, newspapers, and activist lowered their standards of decency to preach how all Muslims are terrorist. Racism creates hostility, just because an action done by an individual of a particular religion does not make the entire group bad because their religion. There are many ways racism can be eliminated in the United States, starting with congress, having more of control of publications, education the citizen of the religion.

For some Americans the news is the only thing they see to get information. Not everything on the news a valid. But many citizens do not take the matter in their hands in reading more about it they just make assumptions of what is occurring. For example many religion sanctions get build everywhere around The United States every day. Park 51 is the area a new mosque is supposed to be built near ground zero. Park 51 is one tenth of a mile away from ground zero according to fact check. If media restrictions was controlled more by government then Park 51 would have not received so much negative press and made an false reputation of the Muslim culture. People’s opposing view of the...

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