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‘Racism; a controversial subject in which we all are part of.’’
How can you possible talk about racism without entering to any controversial point?

First; we must see what racism is: racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be
attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to

others. Racism and discrimination have been used as a powerful weapon encouraging: fear or

hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.

Furthermore; we need to ask ourselves the following question: ’Are we more than our eyes,

skin color, religion, political ideas, ethnicity? Can a person change the world regardless of what,

or who they are? The Obvious answer will be a simple ‘’Yes’’, but a simple ‘’Yes’’ is not

enough for the humans to change and no just change but if not just to terminate racism

There are several types of racism, not just for skin or language, etc. we are going to talk about

each type of racism and how they work.

The following types of racism are:

1)’’ Racial discrimination’’.

2)’’ Institutional’’.

3) ‘’Economic’’.

Racism - What is it?

Racism is an insidious moral and social disease affects individuals and populations around

the world. It is diagnosed by cataloging its many symptoms and manifestations, which include

fear, intolerance, separation, segregation, discrimination and hatred. Although these symptoms

can manifest racism, the only underlying cause of racial prejudice is ignorance. Historically, Race is defined as a population with distinct biological characteristics.

The races are distinguished from each other by characteristics such as the color and texture of the

hair, the skin color, the color and shape of eyes, limbs and size of body parts, and facial organs,

although scientists have reached concluded that these differences are superficial people. And

have gone further by agreeing that all members of the species Homo sapiens have more in

common than differences. Humanity itself continues to be one another based on characteristics

that are perceived externally.

Indeed, humans are outwardly different in appearance. The problem arises when disease

symptoms are evident: intolerance, hatred and separation. In a positive line, one can embrace the

differences of people around the earth, and marvel at the uniqueness of individuals who live in

different parts of the globe or across the street. Racism perverts this uniqueness of the races and

takes the position that these differences further separate individuals into groups, one group being

inferior to the other.

Racism - Do we have it all?

Racial prejudice affects everyone. Since racial prejudice manifests itself when people are

"prejudged" based on superficial characteristics, we must honestly conclude that people "suffer"

from this on several levels. When you do not know well an individual consciously or

unconsciously begin to characterize based on what we see. Again, this is due to our ignorance

of the true character and personality of the person. We will form opinions, often based on

stereotypes: "All the people of such and such race are" We can fill in the blanks with

expectations that certain races are intellectually superior, others are full of greed, another is

more artistic or athletic , and another has members more likely to be dishonest, etc. These

ideas have been shaped by society, the media, and our own upbringing.

Maybe these ideas we have been taught directly or indirectly, or represented by our own parents.

Whatever the cause, even the most educated member of society will find that...

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