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There is controversy in the definition of the word racism. This is because; there is little agreement by scholars on the understanding of the concept “race” while there is little agreement on what constitutes discrimination. Racism is the practice of believing in racial differences that act as a reason for non-equal treatment of the race members. There is the use of the term in many occasions on the negative side as it has the association of race-based discrimination, dislike, oppression, violence and prejudice. This is what is under discussion. In the interview, there is the definition of racism as a negative view to an individual or a definite racial classification of people, which has its basis on the racial characteristics of an individual with the ending actions, has a negative view basis. Nevertheless, for an act to be termed as racism there must be the power vested on the individual to oppose this act. This makes slavery especially of blacks to be termed as bigotry.

However, despite the controversy in the in the definition of the term, there is no controversy in stating that there is still controversy in the society that we are living today. According to Terry, the problem becomes even more complex because of ignorance by the public in the issue. Many try to believe that this practice is no longer in existence while, in the real sense, this is the case. Many people are part of the problem as they may be discriminating against other people’s rights. The discriminating people then go round saying how open-minded they are, which adds to the problem. This happens in schools, homes and even the community. In the discussion of this issue, there is the use of an interview conducted on Terry Ferguson and the use of literature materials.

There is the belief that racism is on the blacks alone, but this is a misconception. According to Terry, there are jokes about the Chinese people, which is a form of racism. This leads to the conclusion that racism can be to any one of a different race through different ways such as jokes. There is racism against the Western Representatives in the non-Western nations especially in the nations of East Africa. In Tanzania, there is the reference of Europeans as cannibals using their native word ‘mchinja-chinja’ meaning bloodsucker (Brown and Miles, p.21). This shows that racism is available in society as a tradition and culture as in this society there are words that are discriminatory in nature. This means that there is racism at the community level. The community has even come up with a name that is useful in their aim of racially describing those that are white.

The culture at the national level promotes racism as in some countries. An excellent example is in Sweden. Early in the year, Minister for Culture of the Swedish nation by the name Lena Adelsohn, in her promotion of culture decided to cut a cake. The cutting of this cake by the Minister was in public. The cake is in shape of a black woman with funny decorations around her mouth and her eyes (www.vice.com). The cutting of the cake is a mockery to the black people as the Minister laughs as she cuts the cake while there is the taking of photos by those present. In other words, this is racism from the representatives of the government. This shows that there are cases of racism even in the open eyes of the public in some nations such as Sweden. This shows that the nation of Sweden is open about it that they are not even afraid to hide it in this time of the century. This means that there is racism even from the government.

According to Terry, there is the racism vice in the workplace. There is plenty of denial on this issue, but it is there. Evidence is there especially during lunch hours in the Cafeteria. There is the grouping that occurs because of nationality and race, but not language as earlier thought. There...

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