Racing and Multisport as Varsity Sports in de La Salle Zobel

Topics: Sampling, Varsity team, High school Pages: 7 (2223 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Racing and Multisport as Varsity Sports in De La Salle Zobel by
Hamlin, Niccolo Alexander Delgado, Miguel Lorenzo

Research and analysis on the possibility of DLSZ supporting avid student athletes participating in racing and multisport

The current study examined the different perspectives, opinions, and openness of DLSZ students with the idea of the school starting a varsity team for racing and multisports. Ideally, starting a varsity would enable the said athletes to fulfil certain goals and motivations that would be otherwise not have been possible to achieve without support from others. However, not all athletes have the opportunity to represent their school when playing their sport simply because no varsity team exists for that sport in their school. The researchers used a sample of 60 senior students from DLSZ, and out that 60, a few respondents who were known racing and multisport participants were mixed in the sample while the rest were purely random. After the surveying period, it was shown how much of the student body are active athletically as well as those who compete in running long distances. Results also show that most of these athletes are self supporting and that they would most likely be interested in joining a DLSZ varsity teamThe results acquired imply that majority of the students showed an interest in the idea of the school putting up a new varsity team for racing and multisports saying also that enough people could be interested in watching these events and that the school could potentially profit from these events one way or another.

As athletic students in De La Salle Zobel (DLSZ), one of which being a competitive mountain bike racer and runner, the two researchers were interested varsity racing. There is a remarkable racing scene going on in the Philippines. Racers from all over the Philippines come together to compete in events held every month. A number of students from DLSZ compete at a challenging level and win places in these events. More people can participate in this remarkable athletic scene if DLSZ were to establish a varsity team taking up racing sports.

Background of the Study
DLSZ aims to be a diverse school, whether in the fields of academics, arts, or sports. While other sports such as basketball, football, and baseball have been gaining popularity and support from within the school, the racing scene has been largely overlooked by the DLSZ community. To increase the school’s athletic diversity, DLSZ should take more interest in these increasingly popular racing sports. These include running, road cycling, off-road cycling, rowing, and swimming. Furthermore, DLSZ could send its athletes to join multisport events such as duathlons and triathlons. Plenty of high school around the globe have racing varsities centered on the triathlon sports, swimming, biking, and running. Foreign competitive high school racing leagues take place during racing seasons with races happening every week. At the moment, only swimming leagues are held in the Philippines that are devoted solely to high school athletes. On the other hand, most running, cycling, and multisport events have categories for high school athletes. In 2011, the first high school triathlon conference was founded by Mark Mason. His website, the Southwest High School Triathlon Conference (, brings together triathletes from different high schools in the Southwest United States by regularly organizing divisions and competitions. It’s not far-fetched for the largest schools in the Philippines to form a similar conference. This would expand the racing and multisport scenes far beyond what they already are here in the Philippines, and bring plenty more opportunity to student athletes. High school competition has been a cornerstone for organized competition. High school athletics have provided millions of students the opportunity to participate in their sport during high school, not...

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