Racial Tension in Crash

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 7 (3034 words) Published: November 6, 2006
Will there always be disagreement between ethnicities, or will races solve their discrepancies? The movie Crash takes a closer look at this idea of racial anxiety in society. Throughout the film, different races collide with each other, creating conflicts that are a constant part of today's culture. Although it gives examples of many different races conflicting, it appears that the main focus is between blacks and whites. Crash reinforces the idea of racial tension between blacks and whites, which influences the viewer to believe that conflict between races is continuously occurring. However, it then breaks down the barriers of these stereotypical relationships to show that blacks and whites can exist in harmony.

In the movie, as well as in our society, it seems that confliction between races will be continuously taking place. The recurrence of racial arguments in the movie makes the viewer think that this is happening in everyday society. Some people may live in a very diverse area where they encounter these sorts of experiences on a daily basis. Others, however, may live in a very Caucasian dominated area where they are less unaware of these conflictions. After watching this movie, it seems to increase society's stereotype that these conflictions are not just in movies, they are everywhere, constantly. The entire movie deals with various encounters between races getting in arguments, fighting, and even killing. Almost every argument always leads to a problem about differences in races. It seems that the arguments stem solely from the color of someone's skin. The viewer may at first be overwhelmed by the immense amount of tension between blacks and whites, and feel as if these discrepancies can never be resolved. However, by the end of the film, it is evident that these things are capable of being overcome, even though they will always occur. The racial tension between blacks and whites, and the prevalence over these tensions can be broken down into a couple of the most prominent and obvious examples to help explain these ideas more clearly. The most obvious claim that the movie represents is that whites and blacks are in constant turmoil. Whites and people of authority are portrayed to feel superior towards blacks. This movie makes it evident that whites still feel superior to blacks, despite the efforts to eliminate stereotypes in the past centuries. Whites are very distrusting of blacks, assuming the worst in every situation. They assume that other nationalities are inferior to them and are not as important. Examples of conflicts occur throughout the entire movie in various situations, reflecting the stereotypes that exist within our society. There are many examples to demonstrate the existing stereotypes that our society has about blacks and whites. The conflicts in this movie between races occur mostly when a white man feels powerful over a black man. In one scene of the movie a black man is pulled over by a white cop for sexual conduct by his black wife in public. The black man is a very successful producer, yet is still viewed as inferior to the cop. The white cop, feeling he has authority over the black man, thinks he can do whatever he wants. The wife, dressed in a silk white dress, is searched for weapons. The real reason the cop does this is to feel the woman's body. He violates her right in front of her husband. She is very disturbed by this, especially by the fact that her husband just sat and watched it happen. He didn't defend his wife or stop the cop, even though they all knew it was wrong. The black man, however, felt like the cop was superior to him, therefore kept quiet and instead, apologized to the cop. The wife was very upset about this because she was molested and humiliated by a white cop. This situation shows one of the many examples when a black person feels of less importance than a white person. Hence, this situation gives evidence to support the...
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