Racial Tension

Topics: Religion, Christianity / Pages: 5 (1125 words) / Published: Sep 19th, 2010
Every individual and every country in world are facing with racial tension. Racial tension can be described as, groups of people or more than one race who live around the same area and they are facing a serious conflict with each other. The effect of racial tension can be a everybody’s worst nightmare, but the most important is to study the causes of racial tension. The reason to study the causes of racial tension is to understand why and how racial tension happens, rather than pointing finger with eye closed.
Discrimination among people is common factors that cause a racial tension. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (1991),” the definition of discrimination is involve an action of unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice” (wordreference, para. 1). There are a several types of discrimination which is can be categories into race, gander and age. The obvious types of discrimination that cause a racial tension is race, and this because of the differences of skin colour, culture, history background and social. Based on Malaysian historical context, there was an event where the 3 major races which are Malay, Chinese and Indian were separated at the early in the beginning. Malaysia during the times under the colonization of British, there are a huge migration form China and India to Malaysia by the British. The purpose of the immigration is to fulfil the vacancy that available in Malaysia so that the British can produce more products to export as well as they can establish their economical power in South East Asia. This is when it all stated, discrimination between races among Malay, Chinese and Indian by British. British discriminate these 3 major races in Malaysia by separated them by economically, Malay working as fisherman, Chinese working as a mine digger and Indian working at the estate. Without realizing, the British also socially separated them from being connected to each other especially Indian who live in the

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