Racial: Sociology and Dominant Groups Value

Topics: Sociology, United States, Society Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Four Sociological Explanations of Racial-ethnic Inequality
Micki Brisbin

I had a hard time deciding which one to be the most persuasive so I decided to first talk a little about each one, and then maybe I could decide which one I thought was the most persuasive. Functionalist – those who criticize immigrations for not becoming Americanized quickly enough reflect a functionalist view of racial-ethnic relationship. To work harmoniously, newcomers must assimilate by adapting the dominant groups value, goals, and especially, language. Otherwise, the society will experience discord and conflict. This means you either conform to their ways or there is a price to pay. Conflict – see ongoing strife between dominant and minority groups. Dominant groups try to protect their power and privilege, whereas subordinate groups struggle to gain a larger share of societal resources. Once a system of racial oppression is in place, racial hierarchies are supported and perpetuated through economic inequality, which reinforces social stratification. This means dominant groups continue to protect what are theirs, power and privilege. Subordinate groups are continuously struggling to gain and reinforce their resources. This gives them the ability to be more powerful and have prestigious statuses. Feminist – you can walk through almost any hotel large discount store, nursing home, or fast-food restaurant in the United States. You will notice two things: Most of the lower paid employees are women, and they are predominantly minority women. For Feminist scholars, such segregation of minority women reflect gendered racism. This means that women are paid much lower incomes than men. As with Latino and African American who are often part of gender racism. Symbolic Interactionlist – we learn attitudes, norms, and values throughout the life course. Because, as you saw earlier, race and ethnicity are constructed socially, labeling, selective perception, and social contract can...
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