Racial Profiling and Anti-Terrorism Efforts

Topics: Criminal justice, Police, Law Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: May 31, 2006
Discontinue and adopt legislation outlawing the practice of racial profiling, even in regards to anti-terrorism efforts.

Continually document and collect statistical data that identifies those individuals who are processed through the criminal justice system. Paying specific attention to the presence and extent of racial discrimination in the following areas: administration of justice, police, courts, and prison authorities.

Take measures to effectively punish and combat police mistreatment of minorities during their daily interactions. oTo oversee this:
„XEstablish independent civilian organizations to investigate complaints about police behavior. „XCollect and publish the statistical data in regards to the number and nature of police abuse of minorities. „XCollect and publish the statistical data on the number and outcome of cases resulting in discipline or prosecution of police offers who use abuse their authority to mistreat minorities.

Establish sensitivity training throughout the whole criminal justice system on a continual basis which pays specific attention to the application of human rights and other relative topics instrumental to the field of an individual¡¦s employment.

Acknowledge and clearly communicate the expectation that discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnicity is unlawful and a violation of their rights.

Society needs to express concern at the pervasive patterns of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system and express the urgent need for action by the State and Federal government.

Affirm and establish laws that racial profiling in stops, arrests, and detentions is not only unlawful, but also unacceptable.

Create fund, and staff adequately national, independent, specialized bodies with the competence to investigate allegations of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. oAlso allocate funds and staff to assist victims of discrimination to pursue remedies, where necessary...
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