Racial Profiling

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (500 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Equality in its true form
“Mistaking the reporter for the killer, police officers hauled him from his car at gunpoint and but for his press credentials would probably have tried to book him. Such episodes are not uncommon. Black men trade tales like this all the time”. Utopia is the perfect society, where the laws are just, there is no war, no gangs or fighting, people live in harmony with one another, and everyone is equal. Throughout various periods in history, groups of people, whether it’d be men, women, or teenagers, have fought long and hard for their equality. People have died, lost their friends, wives, and children, undermined the law, and did whatever it was necessary for this equality. Today each individual has their own rights; we are all equal under the law. Though everyone has this equality, the law doesn’t prevent some people from using racial slurs, discriminating against one another, or even racial profiling. Racial profiling occurs everywhere and in every race, the majority of the time, it occurs with African-American people. Some people may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and others could happen to look suspicious, but mainly it is just because they are of a different race. Americans believe in this idea of everyone being equal, but as long as each individual is different, we can never truly be equal. Racial profiling goes against the principles of the United States Constitution, but it is still a reoccurring instance throughout communities, and in every race. Racial profiling is illegal, but in 1996 a law was passed by the Supreme Court to allow police officers to pull over people who look “suspicious”. Men and women are being are pulled over by arrogant police officers who say he or she looks like a suspicious individual, and are being wrongly accused of a crime, having their cars searched for no reason. This law is a gateway for people to be humiliated, mistaken for a criminal, and unjustly punished. Though, some people do not...
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