racial profiling

Topics: September 11 attacks, United States, Terrorism Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Racial Profiling
Racial profiling occurs too often amongst Muslims. They have been the scapegoats of America ever since terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. As each new terrorist threat occurs, Muslims are feared more. This fear is based upon stereotypes and implies that Muslims are dangerous people and can lead to unjust acts by Americans. When racial profiling is being used, they are treated unfairly and their rights are practically nonexistent. Racial profiling towards Muslims occurs mostly in airports, is embarrassing, and often unjustified. Traveling creates some of our best memories. Even in airplanes, striking up an interesting conversation with the passenger beside you makes for a great memory. As for Shoshana Hebshi, her plane ride was not very pleasant. Part Arab, and traveling on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 crash, Hebshi was taken off the airplane, strip-searched, and jailed, along with two of the passengers seated beside her who were of Indian-American background. According to an article by USA TODAY, “ Hebshi and the two other men were detained after people on the plane complained about two of them going to the restroom. Flight attendants had alerted the pilot that the men going to the restroom were ‘possibly of Arab descent’.” Passengers on the plane feared that they were terrorists just

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because two Arab-looking men needed to use the restroom. The fear instilled in them from 9/11 has not diminished and with all the new threats, has only grown. Hebshi had done nothing suspicious at all but was detained anyway due to racial profiling. Americans are looking for someone to blame and finding ways to justify their fears. Humiliation can cause one’s life to drastically alter. Feelings of shame and indignity are hard to forget. They have a huge impact on future thoughts and actions. USA TODAY stated that Hebshi felt“ frightened and humiliated” during the process of being taken off the...

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