Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Topics: Trinity, Religion, Jehovah's Witnesses Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: February 2, 2013

Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Scott McKinney
January 26, 2013
Jade Pumphrey


Hispanic/Latino and Jehovah Witnesses are both discriminated against for different reasons. In this essay I will go into more depth on why they are discriminated against..

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

In this essay that I am writing, I will be writing about the Jehovah Witness religion and Hispanic/Latino race. I will be telling you how they are different from other religions/races. I will also be telling you about the Mormons beliefs and practices. Also I will tell you how they are discriminated against.

Religious Groups

Jehovah witnesses are Christians who believe that the bible is God’s word and that Jesus is their savior. They believe in one supreme God. By supreme God I mean a spirit that has a body, but not a human body. Jesus is believed to be the Lord and Savior, but like Christians believe that Jesus is a part of God, Jehovah witnesses do not. They also do not believe in the trinity (the father, son and Holy Spirit), in which the Catholics do believe in the trinity. Because Jehovah witnesses do not believe that Jesus is god, and since they do not worship false gods, they pray to god rather than Jesus. They also believe that all other religions are false. They believe that all governments will be destroyed, as a result they do not vote, or practice anything patriotic. They do not celebrate any holidays, or birthdays. They very rarely celebrate thanksgiving, because they believe that to be a Pagan holiday. (wisegeek, 2012). They are often trying to get other people to join their religion. Constantly they are going door to door trying to get other people to join their religion. They do get discriminated against, because they do not believe in war,...

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