Race Does Not Exist

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Human, Anthropology Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: November 4, 2010
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Joy Lancaster
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October 19, 2010
Does Race Exist?
Race does not exist biologically, but it does exist as an abstract social construct. The definition or meaning of race is different depending on the ideas and beliefs within a culture. One important factor in using the term race is to not get it confused with ethnicity or culture. The difficulty that some people have with characterizing ethnicity or culture is that they associate it with race, whereas that is not the case. They are all remarkably distinct. The term race shouldn’t exist or be used because it is derived from perception not scientific classification. The term race also promotes racism and racial profiling. Anthropology is the field in which the study of cultural and biological variations among human groups is studied. Biologically, race is a subspecies within a species. The species that modern humans belongs to, Homo sapiens, does not have any subspecies so the term "race," in a biological respect, does not apply to modern humans. The anthropological definition for race varies greatly from the popular view or concept of race. “Race, one of the group of populations regarded as constituting humanity. The differences that have historically determined the classification into races are predominantly physical aspects of appearance that are generally hereditary. Genetically a Lancaster 2

race may be defined as a group with gene frequencies differing from those of the other groups in the human species, but the genes responsible for the hereditary differences between the traditional races are extremely few when compared with the vast number of genes common to all human beings regardless of the race to which they belong. Many physical anthropologists now believe that, because there is as much genetic variation among the members of any given race as there is between the groups identified as different races, the concept of race is unscientific and unsound and racial...
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