Race Car Safety

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Race Car Safety


This paper is going to explain the major safety devices built into the race cars used in the sport of auto racing. The paper is intended for the general readers that have little knowledge about auto racing and the safety features of a race car. Most readers will have a general grasp for the vocabulary and graphics used, since the sport of auto racing has been growing very rapidly in the past couple of years.

Race cars (see Figure 1) were not always meant for racing. In the early 1920's and 30's when prohibition was in place in America an undercover business flourished. People, mostly farmers had secrets plants where they produced whiskey and moonshine that was undetected by the police. The only real problem in doing this was how they deliver the finished products without getting caught. The farmers did this by building these really fast cars that could out run any police car in the United States. The men that drove theses cars were called "bootleggers". Not long after every bootlegger in America had a fast car, Source: http:// www.maserati-indy.com

and wanted to make it even faster. Then a ritual was
born, every Sunday when the bootleggers wouldn't be Figure 1: The Race Car working they would race each other to see who had the fastest car among them.

How Racing Started

Auto Racing was not an official sport until the early 1930's when a guy by the name of Bill France saw what the bootleggers were doing and decided to organize it. France first organized a race on the beaches of Daytona Beach Florida and this was the start of racing as we know it today. France then organized all the racers across the country to meet and they came up with one set of rules that everyone raced under. This was the creation of NASCAR.

How is Racing Safer Now Then Before?

As racing evolved so did the safety...
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