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Race and Cruel Racism

By BlackVeiledBeauty Oct 10, 2013 301 Words
Rights and Wrongs

One of the most memorable moments in my life was when I challenged the beliefs of and about racism among our people in society today. Racism is the belief that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some racial groups are superior to others. Discrimination's have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear and hatred of others in times of conflict and war, even during economic downturns. I wrote a full page about the cruel racism among us, perfected in less than an hour, on a boring Saturday at home. It was flawless. Every detail was flawless; only the criticism of peers and readers of my great work could really disappoint me. The readers of my paper were my critics and I knew to take in every of their self-willed words. The motivation for my paper was the search for truthfulness and the examination of their spiteful and venomous bias. I dislike folks who still retain their absurd aversion for our colored citizens. I believe we should repent in many ways rather than simply continue the lives in our nation in such an un-glorified manner. Why? Just look at what we have done to them. They have no way to trace their ancestry back to their native tribes, yet we do? Unfair! Give us equal rights and wills! Equal rights and wills for all of the races living in this Nation! The government and most of society claim this is America, the land of the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses, but is it? Will there ever be an end to the cruelty of racism? … I have challenged and will challenge the beliefs and ideas of racism. Of course I will and I will do it again.

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