Topics: Raccoon, Procyon, Tres Marias Raccoon Pages: 3 (635 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Name Derek Troudt
Date 9-8-10
Block W1
1ST Quarter Project Information Sheet
Note: The sources count as 1 point each, so not doing the sources will result in a loss of 9 points!

Score: _________/45

A. (5 pts) Scientific Name (remember to underline or italize): Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Procyonidae
Genus (capitalized): Procyon
species (lower case): lotor
*Source: The Encyclopedia of Mammals. David Macdonald, Editor; Andromeda Oxford Ltd., 2001.

B. ( 5 pts) Physical Description:
Height: About twelve inches, or 300 millimeters.
Weight: 20-35 lbs.
Color: gray-black
Distinguishing feature: Mask around their eyes.
Other: Tail has five to seven black rings. Females are smaller than males.

*Source: Indiana Department of Natural Resources
http://www.in. gov/dnr/fishwild/publications/lifeseries/raccoon.htm

C. (4 pts) Breeding Information:
Age at sexual maturity: 1st spring
Gestation or incubation period: 63 days
Litter or clutch size: 2 to 6 grayish cubs
How does the mother care for the young, or does she? Young are usually on their own by autumn, but some will stay with their mother through the winter Other: If a first litter dies, a female may mate again. Eyes and ears do not open for a few weeks.

*Source: Rocky Mountain Wildlife. David Dahms. Paragon Press, 1995

D. (4 pt) Lifestyle
Diet: eggs, fruit, acorns, grains, fish, snails, clams, earthworms Lifespan: More or less than 12 years
Habitat – 2 pts (what kind of home does it have?) Virtually anywhere

*Source: Rocky Mountain Wildlife. David Dahms. Paragon Press, 1995

E. (2 pts) Related species
• Crab-eating raccoon
• Tres Marias raccoon

*Source: "Raccoon." Pest Control Canada. Web. Sept. 2010. .

F. (3 pts) Range & Distribution
Where in Colorado: Raccoons live...
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