Rabbit-Proof Fence Essay

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Constitution of Australia, Stolen Generations Pages: 4 (1782 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Rabbit-Proof Fence
* How do the filmmakers begin the film and engage us in the story and at the beginning of the film what do you think you are seeing at first? The Australian film based on the true story about “The Stolen Generation” titled “Rabbit-Proof Fence” begins with a brief written summary about the Australian Aborigines Act of 1931. This historical information is just enough to really grasp the viewer’s curiosity before moving on to what is initially, the unidentifiable aerial footage of the endless desert plains of Australia. This is footage is only further complicated by the voice of an unknown women speaking in an unfamiliar language and the native sounding instruments fading in slowly from the background. At first, I was unsure of the geographical location, thinking it was possibly that of a sandy or muddy beach. It then crossed my mind that perhaps I had mistakenly selected a non-English version of the film which would explain the foreign language, but not the English text at the beginning. It wasn’t until the view included the unmistakably blue sky along the horizon of the desert that the location became completely recognizable and my previous thoughts were extinguished. * What impressions do you gain of life in the desert Aboriginal community? Living among nothing more than the dry and dusty Australian plains scattered with sagebrush and a few desert trees, the film showed how desolate of a landscape the Aborigines called home. With nothing more than simple huts constructed from small sticks and branches, their homes didn’t appear to provide adequate shelter much less protection from the elements such as the unrelenting heat and sun. It was clear that their lives had been disrupted by “white” European settlers whom had depleted their lands of natural resources needed for survival, as the community was forced to rely upon government rations for food, water, clothing, etc. As seen in the film, the community rations were distributed to the...
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