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Parental Involvement:
Title I, Part A

Non-Regulatory Guidance

April 23, 2004


A-1.What is parental involvement under No Child Left Behind?3 A-2.What is the significance of the statutory definition?3 A-3.Who is a parent for the purposes of Title I, Part A?3
A-4.Why is parental involvement important?3
A-5.What does the research show about how family involvement in children’s education affects student achievement?4 A-6.What are the key Title I, Part A parental notice requirements?4 A-7.What are the parental involvement provisions in section 1118 of the ESEA?4 A-8.How must SEAs, LEAs, and schools communicate with parents in general?4 A-9.What is meant by providing information to parents with limited English proficiency, “to the extent practicable,” in a language parents can understand?5 A-10.How must an SEA, LEA, or school communicate with parents with disabilities to ensure meaningful participation in Title I, Part A programs?5 A-11.What Federal civil rights provisions are applicable to parental involvement activities?6 A-12.May an SEA or LEA use funds from other Federal programs for activities related to parental involvement?6 A-13.What are Parental Information and Resource Centers?6

A-14.What other resources and research are available to help improve parental involvement?7 B.RESPONSIBILITIES OF STATES8
General SEA Responsibilities for Parental Involvement8
B-1.What parental involvement provisions are included in State plans?8 B-2.Must an SEA consult with parents in the development of the State plan?8 B-3.What responsibility does an SEA have with respect to the parental involvement provisions in local plans?8 B-4.May an SEA use the Title I, Part A funds it reserves for State administration to meet its parental involvement responsibilities?8 Information Dissemination and Technical Assistance8

B-5.What information about LEA and school performance must an SEA disseminate to parents?8 B-6.What information about individual student academic assessment must SEAs provide to parents?9 Progress Reviews9

B-7.What are an SEA’s responsibilities for reviewing and disseminating information about the progress of an LEA’s parental involvement activities?9 SEA Notification to Parents of Children in an LEA or School Identified for Improvement, Corrective Action, or Restructuring9 B-8.How must an SEA, LEA or school communicate with parents during the school improvement process?9 B-9.What are an SEA’s responsibilities regarding notification to parents of children in an LEA identified for improvement or corrective action?10 SEA Technical Assistance to an LEA or School in Need of Improvement10 B-10.What technical assistance related to parental involvement must an SEA provide for LEAs and schools in need of improvement?10 C.LEA RESPONSIBILITIES11

C-1.Are the parental involvement provisions in section 1118 of the ESEA applicable to LEAs?11 C-2. What is the basic parental involvement requirement under Title I, Part A for LEAs?11 C-3.What specific information must an LEA’s written parental involvement policy contain?11 C-4.What is the relationship between the local plan an LEA submits to its SEA and the LEA’s written parental involvement policy?12 C-5.What other information related to parents must an LEA include in its local plan under section 1112?12 C-6.What information must LEAs provide parents about the teachers and paraprofessionals who work with their children?12 C-7.What information must LEAs provide to parents in the LEA report card about the performance of their child’s school to assist parents in making decisions about their children’s education?13 C-8.What information must all LEAs receiving Title I, Part A funds provide to parents of limited English proficient students?13 C-9. What notice and information must LEAs with Title I, Part A-funded language...
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