Qwerty Keyboard

Topics: QWERTY, Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, Keyboard layout Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: November 13, 2013

QWERTY keyboard, the type of keyboard I am using in typing this summary. It is called QWERTY because of the upper row that represents the letters Q-W-E-R-T-Y. The QWERTY design was pioneered by the two industrial engineers, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. As QWERTY was introduced in the past, there are also other features as well as different versions of keyboards that had been introduced but doesn’t succeed to beat QWERTY. As some complication arises, on the QWERTY, it had been trying to make people adapt its features. Schools built for QWERTY typing and other businesses had adjusted to QWERTY. Even though QWERTY keyboard is unnecessarily tiring, slow, inaccurate, hard to learn, and hard to remember, it still manages to reduce the jamming problem. As QWERTY had been accepted in the society, Dvorak keyboard were introduced, it was named for August Dvorak a professor of education at the University of Washington in Seattle. It is a type of keyboard that is easier to use compare to QWERTY keyboard, where in typists make less errors and faster than QWERTY typists. August Dvorak’s brother-in-law, William Dealey, who extremely detailed any knowledge about QWERTY keyboard, due to the seminars that Frank and Lillian Gilbreth held on QWERTY keyboard. After August found out the details, they had learned and designed a new keyboard, which is the Dvorak keyboard in the year 1932. But sadly, Dvorak keyboard wasn’t adapted and people refuse to change or learn about Dvorak due to the standardized QWERTY way that they had adapted. As August Dvorak died in the year 1975, he simply said that “They simply don’t want to change!” even though Dvorak is easier to learn rather than QWERTY, but the society still refuse to amend.

Never seem to imagine knowing about the QWERTY keyboard, how the style had been featured as well as the standardized keyboard the people adapted. It seems that people refuse to change in an easier and more developed keyboard, but chooses to stay and stick with...
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