Topics: English-language films, Suffering, Mind Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Camille Garcia

To live or not to live; that is the question
Whether it is better to suffer
To feel the pain of this cruel fortune
Or to fight this endless misery
Should I put an end to all these? To die: to sleep;
Nothing more, nothing less; and death is to finish
The sorrows in the heart and the disasters of the mind
That this life is subjected to, it’s like an achievement
Everyone desires to have. To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perhaps to dream: but that is the problem.
For I do not know that sleep could bring death as well,
After running away from reality.
That is something unfair and unreasonable,
It is better to suffer than to die without putting up a fight. For I should bear with the chances of this lifetime,
The prejudice of the dictator, a fool’s remarks,
The heartaches from an unanswered love, the unlawful laws,
Disrespect from the king, and the rejections
That the less worthy suffers from.
He himself can put an end to all of these
By choosing death? Who would tolerate burdens,
To sound and sweat under a weary life?
Unless there is something more dreadful after death
The fear of the unknown is the only thing that keeps him alive Death makes us all coward after all,
And the true colors of our existence
Becomes pale because of our over thinking
And the boldness of great power and importance
At this point is spoiled and pointless.
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