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Gowtham Anche
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4 December 2014

American Civil War vs. Mexican Revolution
The American Civil War and the Mexican Revolution are both defining moments in their respective countries’ history. The American Civil War lasted for four years from 1861 to 1865. In contrast, the Mexican Revolution lasted for ten years from 1910 to 1920. Both of these conflicts were the result of conflicting ideals and the aftermath was a massive loss of life. However, out of the conflict emerged more unified nations.

The Mexican Revolution does have several distinct features. While the revolution originally started as an up rise against authority, it eventually became a multi-sided civil war. The purpose of the Mexican Revolution was to improve the standard of living for the middle class. By the end of the revolution, the people had overthrown a dictatorship and established a constitutional republic. The revolution was officially ended by in a peaceful manner with the establishment of the Constitution of Mexico. However, this revolution is more controversial since some historians debate its status.

Likewise, the American Civil War has its own differences. The American civil war was primarily a fight between two sides over numerous contradictory ideals. The civil war’s seeds started to grow when Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States of America which in turned caused tensions to rise. Unlike the peaceful ending of the Mexican Revolution, the American Civil War ended with the Battles of Palmito Ranch and Appotmax and the capture of Confederate President Davis. The end of this long, bloody conflict helped add three new amendments to the Constitution. Finally, the result of the American Civil War answered whether the United States would be an undividable country and whether it was truly free.

However, the American Civil war and Mexican Revolution do have some parallels. First of all, both of these conflicts were an uprising against a form of...

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