QVC: Analysis of the Cable Shopping Network

Topics: Home Shopping Network, QVC, Best Products Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Class: MG 316
QVC is a very successful cable shopping network compared to its competitors. Over-time, it has become very profitable as shown in Exhibit 1,with a higher profit margin in comparison to Home Shopping Network( HNS), QVC’s major competitor. QVC as the initials imply stands for quality, value and convenience. These three words communicate to all stakeholders the organization’s values, inspirations, mission and goals. However, the success of QVC does not only depend on those three promises, it greatly depends on various others factors which are presented in Exhibit 2. It is important to remember that QVC is selling different types of product from beauty items to sportswear. These products can be found in almost any stores either in virtual or in a physical story; therefore, it is important for QVC to provide its viewers with more than order qualifier, it has to offer an order winner by adding value. Actually, QVC has implemented different business innovation strategies that appear to work successful and help them pursuing a leading position, and achieve efficiency in operations. One of the key successes is its source of innovation constant search for the best and unique product. As an examples, “The Quest for America’s Best”. This strategy of looking for the best product from American entrepreneurs in all the 50 cities is great because it gives QVC a competitive advantage over its competitors because QVC will be offering unique and innovative product that can only be found on their company This in turn will allow them to charge a premium price that will maximize its profit and create wealth to its stockholders’ The idea to implement technology and expand its business is excellent. Expanding beyond TV cable shopping will allow them to give their customer more choice and at same time be advantageous over its competitors since it will offer more than one way for people to have access to its product. By implementing website where customers can search for...
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