quotes of the book looking for alibrandi

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"for two days I just couldn't help thinking about my father. I felt sick at the idea of meeting him, though at the same time I desperately wanted to." 18

"No matter how much I hate Poison Ivy, I want to belong to her world. The world of sleek hair cuts and upper-class privileges. People who know famous people and lead educated lives. A world where I can be accepted ." 32

"But she loves us, even if it is in a suffocating way, and that makes me feel very guilty." 35

"She looked tired and I realised that I loved her as much as I disliked her." 38

"I'll run one day.Run for my life. To be free and think for myself. Not as an Australian and not as an Italian and not as an in-between. I'll run to be emancipated." 40

"I don't know what I want out of my life, but I know what I don't want. I don't want to make promise I can't keep...I don't want a lot of responsibility in life." 47

“You don't die. You just... get really angry and then after you're angry you hurt a lot and then the best thing is that one day you remember something she said or did and you laugh instead of crying.” 61

“And when you'd finished running you'd be thousands of miles away from people who love you and your problem would still be there except you'd have nobody to help you.” 62

“I spent the whole morning looking at him. He looked at Mama. Mama looked at me. Then he would look at me. I would look at Mama. She would look at him. In different circumstances, I'd be amused.” 64

“You're the father of the person who is my life.”
“It's too late. Seventeen-year-olds don't need fathers."
"Oh god. I'm thirty-four years old and I need a father. I can't even begin to think of what my daughter needs.” 66

"Things don't turn out the way you expect them to." 71

“Simple dreams are the hardest to come true” 72

"It's funny that everything has age. Her fac, her hair, and her hands. But her eyes haven't. Her eyes that night were identical and as youthful as...
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