Quotes from One Flew Over Cuckoo Nest

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
By Ken Kesey
Part 1
Quotations from the novel

Chapter 1: “But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.” Page 8 This quote is said by Chief Bromden. In the previous sentences, it shows us that Chief Bromden will be telling us a story, like an author would. By saying this quote, Chief Bromden asks us, the readers, to keep and open mind about the story. He asks us to not overlook his hallucinations; he basically wants us to look deeper into what he sees. Chapter 3: “Who’s the bull-goose loony here?” Page 18

This quote is said by McMurphy to the patients in the ward. He wanted to know who was the one in charge; the leader of the loony’s, the craziest out of all of them. McMurphy has a personality of a leader, he wanted to know who was in charge so he could’ve taken his place in a way. Chapter 4: “She appraises them and their hate for a month or so then lets them go because they don’t hate enough.” Page 26. In this quote, Chief Bromden is talking about Nurse Ratched choosing her aides, the black boys. She evaluates them for about a month, and when she sees that they don’t hate enough, she lets them go. The more they hate her, the more capable they are of working for her. She taught them her techniques and maybe them almost as bad as her. Chapter 5: “I can’t help it. I was born a miscarriage… I was born dead.” Page 49 In this quote Pete Bancini is talking to the whole ward. He suffered a brain damage when he was born. It happened during the meeting, Mr. Bancini started saying how tired he is and then he was saying that he was born dead. He said that he’s been dead for fifty five years. When he says he was born a miscarriage, it automatically makes me think that he was born to early, thus he got a brain damage. Not every child that is premature is unhealthy or sick. But since they’re so small, they have more chances of being sick then the healthy babies. Chapter 5: “I’m a gambler and I’m not in the habit of...
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