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''They had walked in a single file down the path, and even in the open one one stayed behind the other'' This shows that Lennie has less power than George and follows him because he doesn't know what to do. Section 1, page 19

''A huge man, shapeless of face, with large pale eyes, wide sloping shoulders... dragging his feet a little like a bear drags his paws, his arms hung loosely'' This shows that Lennie has slow reflections, and is tall. Animal comparison Section 1, page 19

''The follower nearly ran over him''
Slow Reflections
Section 1, page 19

''His huge companion''
Shows Lennie is really tall
Section 1, page 19

''Drank with long gulps, snorting into the water like a horse... Lennie dipped his whole head head under, hat and all'' Animal Comparison. Like a child.
Section 1, page 20

''Look George. Look what I done''
Like a child
Section 1, page 20

''Lennie, who had been watching, imitated george exactly.''
Looks up to george
Section 1, page 21

''So you forgot that awready, did you? I gotta tell you again, do I' Jesus Christ, you're a crazy bastard!'' Always forgets things. Neurological disorder
Section 1, page 21

''I forgot... I tried not to forget. Honest to God I did, George.'' Tries, but forgets. Finding excuses
Section 1, page 21

''I Remember about the rabbits, George.''
Only remembers about rabbits
Section 1, page 22

''That's all you ever remember is them rabbits.''
Only remembers about rabbits
Section 1, page 22

Think I'd let you carry your own work card''
Can't be responsible for his own stuff. Like a child
Section 1, page 22

''Jus' a dead mouse, George. I didn't kill it... I found it dead.'' Doesn't know his own strength.
Section 1, page 23

''Aw, leave me have it, George.''
He wants to be responsible for something
Section 1, page 23

''What a crazy bastard you are... but if he sees ya work before he hears ya talk we're set.'' Lennie is a good worker, but not so smart
Section 1, page 23 & 24

''Lennie made an elaborate pantomime of innocence''
No Adult would do that.
Section 1, page 26

''Blubberin' like a baby''
Like a baby
Section 1, page 27

''That was your own Aunt Clara.''
Doesn't even remember relatives
Section 1, page 27

''I'd pet 'em... I pinched their heads a little and then they died because they was so little.'' No idea of own strength
Section 1, page 27

''You ain't to be trusted with no live mice.''
Can't be trusted
Section 1, page27

''A few beans slipped out of the side of Lennie's mouth.''
Bad coordination. Like a baby
Section 1, page 33

''George lifted his tick and looked underneath it... Lennie got up and did the same with his bed.'' Looks up to George
Section 2, page 40

''No he ain't [much of a talker]''
This shows that Lennie is following what George said
Section 2, page 43

''A hell of a good worker. Strong as a bull.''
Shows how strong he is
Section 2, page 43

he's a good skinner.''
Lie That Lennie can handle a responsibility like that.
Section 2, page 43

''Oh I ain't saying his bright.''
Isn't Smart
Section 2, page 43

''I don't know how we're gonna get him to sleep in here.''
Like a child just wanting to play with something new
Section 3, page 64

''Jus' tell Lennie what to do an' he'll do it if it take no figuring... but he can sure take orders.'' He can do anything you tell him even if it's a bad thing
Section 3, page 64 & 65

'' You can't remember nothing that happens, but you remember ever' word I say.'' Lennie's mental impediment
Section 6, page 144


''They had walked in a single file down the path, and even in the open one one stayed behind the other'' George is the leader. Knows what his doing.
Section 1, page 19

''The first man was small, quick dark of face, restless, and sharp strong features... small, strong hands, slender arms and a thin bony nose.'' Always alert, strong, short.
Section 1,...
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