Quiz Week 4 Mktg 440

Topics: Recycling, Sustainability, Customer Pages: 3 (459 words) Published: August 14, 2013
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1.Question :
(TCO 4) All are examples of first generation sustainable products except:

Student Answer:
CORRECT textiles, electric cars, and energy-efficient light bulbs textiles.
electric cars.
energy-efficient light bulbs.

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 7
Points Received: 4 of 4

2.Question :
(TCO 4) All of the following are characteristics of customer pre-purchase solutions except for __________.

Student Answer:
competing offers
dual focus
customer satisfaction
CORRECT marketing mix

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 7
Points Received: 4 of 4

3.Question :
(TCO 4) From an ecological point of view, the most critical stage for durable products is __________.

Student Answer:
CORRECT --> use
post use
INCORRECT answer All of the above

Instructor Explanation:Chapter 7
Points Received: 0 of 4

4.Question :
(TCO 4) List three characteristics of customer pre-purchase solution.

Student Answer: 1. Customer satisfaction: if sustainable products and sustainable services do not satisfy customer needs, they will not survive in the market in the long run. 2. Dual focus: unlike purely environmental products, sustainable products have a dual focus on ecological and social aspects. 3. Life-cycle orientation: sustainable products have to consider the whole life cycle from cradle to grave: extraction of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, use and post-use. Belz. Sustainability Marketing (1st ed). John Wiley & Sons, (UK). Retrieved from http://devry.vitalsource.com/books/9781119951261/id/L7-1-1

Instructor Explanation:Answers will vary: Customer satisfaction, Life-cycle orientation, Continuous improvement, or Competing offers. @ Chapter...
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