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School Governance and Funding Quiz Guide

1. Are members of the public allowed to speak at local school meetings? Yes – public members can sign up by calling the board secretary

2. Are state school board members in Colorado elected or appointed? Board members are elected by all district voters.

3. Are local and state superintendents of schools elected or appointed? Local superintendents are appointed by local school boards. STATE?

4. What is a BOCES?
Board of Cooperative Educational Services – supply educational services to schools that can’t afford them alone. Services like: special education, tech support, teachers aids, etc.

5. Can charter schools in Colorado hire teachers who do not hold a Colorado teachers license? Yes – teachers don’t need a license but teacher needs to take state tests and meet school standards.

6. What is Referendum C?
Spending act – permits the state to spend the money it collects over its TABOR limit for next 5 years (on healthcare, public education, transportation). TABOR = taxpayer bill of rights.

7. On average, what percentage of K-12 funding does the federal government provide to K-12 public schools? 8.3 percent of K-12 funding is provided by the federal government.

8. In Colorado, in 2009-10, what percentage of funding for educating English Language Learners (ELL) was provided by state and local sources? ???????????????????????????

9. How does a property’s “assessed value” (for the purposes of taxation) differ from a property’s actual value? Assessed value represents only a portion of its market value. Nonresidential property is assessed at 29% of its market value and residential property is assessed at a rate determined by law.

10. What is the October Count?
The October Count: October 1st, count how many students are in the school district, 90% of the district’s revenue comes from it.

11. What can Bond issues fund?

12. In Colorado, the amount of “total per-pupil funding” received by a district is influenced by 6 factors. What are these factors? 1. Base Funding – base amount per student
2. Cost of Living Factor – reflects differences in costs of housing, goods, and services. 3. Personnel Costs Factor – varies by school district based on enrollment, employee salaries and benefits are the largest expenses. 4. Size Factor – an enrollment-based calculation.

5. At-Risk Funding – increased funding for at-risk populations. 6. On-Line Funding –funding for students enrolled in on-line programs. 7. State Budget Stabilization Factor – acts as a reduction to other factors and does not reduce any base per pupil funding states receive.

13. What is TABOR?
The Taxpayers Bill Of Rights: a provision requiring that in creases in overall tax revenue be tied to inflation and population increases. IN COLORADO: state and local governments cannot raise tax rates without voter approval and cannot spend revenues collected under existing tax rates if revenues grow faster than the rate of inflation and population growth, without voter approval. Revenue in excess of the TABOR limit, commonly referred to as the “TABOR surplus,” must be refunded to taxpayers.

14. What is the Amendment 23?
It guarantees minimum per pupil funding increases. Amendment 23 requires that the state legislature annually increase K-12 funding by “inflation +1 percent.”

15.What is the Gallagher amendment?
The Gallagher amendment divides the states total property tax burden between residential and non-residential property (45% of total amount of state property tax comes from residential property and 55% from commercial property). It requires that the assessment rate for commercial/non-residential property is fixed at 29% and residential rate is annually adjusted.

16. How much is a mill?
One mill of tax is one-tenth of one percent (.001) ex: Therefore, on residential property with an actual value of $100,000 and, thus, an assessed valuation of...
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