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Topics: Charles Van Doren, Learning, Quiz Show Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: June 3, 2015
Static and Dynamic Knowledge 
Static knowledge is the learning of isolated facts normally through rote learning.  Rote learning focuses on the memorization of information with the hope that the more one repeats the information the more one will learn.  On the other hand, dynamic knowledge is the actual learning and putting into action that which has been learned.  

In the movie, Herbert (Herb) Stemple and Charles (Charlie) Van Doren both exhibited a vast array of static knowledge. Though Charlie seemed to possess more dynamic knowledge through his sophistication and worldliness.  However despite his dynamic knowledge, he still succumbed to the pursuit of wealth and fame just like Herb. Additionally, Richard (Dick) Goodwin, exhibited dynamic knowledge, and you will see further how his use of dynamic knowledge impacted the other two characters in the movie.  

Herbert Stemple chose to follow through on “taking a dive,” as suggested by Twenty One’s producer. By, consciously, following through with the scripted plan for his dismissal from the show you began to see his string of poor choices. The prize money won from the quiz show was handed over to a “bookie” for a questionable land investment. He threatens to take legal action and reveal the show as a “fraud” when he was a willing participant in the deception of the viewers. In all of his ranting, his character and morals become questionable. He further perpetuated the learning of static knowledge on his son whom he quizzed on random facts.   

Charles (Charlie) Van Doren, referred to as the “Great White Hope” is the embodiment of everything the show’s sponsor was looking for in a contestant to attract more viewers.  He is an attractive, erudite, Ivy League educated man from a Pulitzer prize winning prominent literary family.  After multiple wins on the quiz, Charlie is continuing to attract views and is rising to national stardom.  He is featured on the covers of Life and Time magazines. He clearly is provoking...
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