Quiz on Consumer Behavior, Market Research, and Advertisement

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Consumer Behavior, Market Research, and Advertisement

Multiple Choice Questions

1.According to the EC consumer behavior model, personal characteristics and environmental characteristics are classified as:

a.independent variables
b.dependent variables
c.intervening variables
d.decision variables

2.The major environmental variables influencing EC purchasing are:

a.price, brand, frequency of purchase, and tangibility.
b.social, cultural, community, regulatory, political, and legal. c.age, gender, ethnicity, education, and lifestyle.
d.price, social, cultural, ethnicity, and lifestyle.

3.Pricing, technical support, and logistics support are several of the _______________ that can be controlled by EC vendors and sellers

a.independent variables
b.dependent variables
c.intervening variables
d.decision variables

4.Because online buyer’s decisions depend on numerous independent and intervening variables, decisions made by customers are classified as:

a.independent variables
b.dependent variables
c.intervening variables
d.decision variables

5.Banner advertising on Web sites helps trigger a realization that there is a gap between reality and a desired state, which occurs in the __________ stage of the EC purchase decision-making process.

a.need identification
b.information search
c.evaluation, negotiation, and selection
d.purchase, payment, and deli

6.Marketing and advertising approaches has evolved from mass marketing to market segmentation to one-to-one marketing. This evolution occurred because:

a.the marketing focus shifted from customers to products.
b.the Internet enabled companies to better communicate with customers and understand their needs and buying habits. c.companies sought to decrease the number of marketing campaigns. d.concerns about privacy had diminished.

7.The core of the “new marketing model” consists of:

a.four P’s—product, place, price, and promotion.
b.customer profiles.
c.online marketing channels.
d.customer relationships.

8.Personalization and user profiling strategies include each of the following EXCEPT:

a.Segmenting the market based on demographics.
b.Using questionnaires to collect information directly from the user. c.Placing cookies on a user’s hard drive to collect information with or without the user’s knowledge. d.Building from previous purchases or purchase patterns.

9.The two key factors limiting the use of personalization to more precisely target marketing efforts to individual customers are:

a.matching profiles with product offerings and delivering those offerings. b.communication costs and filtering costs.
c.privacy and trust issues.
d.lack of customer loyalty and service customization costs.

10.By increasing customer loyalty, EC companies can achieve each of the following benefits EXCEPT:

a.lower marketing and advertising costs.
b.lower warranty claims costs.
c.lower transaction costs.
d.lower resistance to competitors.

11.What has been the impact of the introduction of EC on customer loyalty in general?

a.Loyalty has decreased because of customers’ ability to shop, compare, and shift vendors. b.Loyalty has increased because of targeted relationship marketing. c.There has been little change in loyalty because the impacts have cancelled each other out. d.It is not known whether loyalty has increased or decreased.

12.According to research, customer satisfaction with an Internet store:

a.cannot be predicted.
b.depend on two types of factors: information quality and customer service quality. c.drops dramatically when certain Web site features fail to perform properly, such as the content’s reliability, loading speed, or usefulness. d.is higher for new customers than former customers.

13.Issues related to trust in EC include all of the following EXCEPT:

a.As a result of...
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