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Course (CEN 951): Computer Architecture

Book: , 2013 1) What are the definitions of the bite, byte and word in the computer terminology?

2) Please give the decimal equivalence of the following binary bits? 1100010

3) Describe one way to represent a signed number (positive and negative floating number).

4) Please describe how the clock works in the digital circuit and what are main concerns on the clock design (performance, power).

5) What are registers or flip-flops? Please draw the symbol and circuit schematic about the D-latch based flip-flop structure.

6) What are combinational logic gates? Please draw the symbol, circuit schematic and truth table for the following gates: Inverter
Tri-state Buffer

7) Please describe circuits of the shift registers and digital counter.

8) Please describe the half-adder and draw the circuit.

9) Please describe the full-adder. How to improve the speed.

10) Please describe the decoder circuit and working principle. Please describe the design flow of the control logic in a CPU.

11) What are the differences of CISC and RISC architectures? Why ARM architecture is favorable to the mobile device?

12) Please list registers and their functions in ARM. How many general purpose registers and how to use them in the program?

13) For each of the following 6-bit operations, calculate the values of the C, Z, V, and N flags in the ARM. a) 001011 + 001101 (C, Z, V and N flags after the summation) b) 111111 + 000001
c) 101101 + 011011
d) 000000 - 000001
e) 000000 – 111111
f) 111110 + 111111

14) Please write ARM programs in the following branching conditions: a) FOR loop;
b) WHILE loop;
c) UNTIL loop;
e) IF THEN ELSE condition.

15) Please describe three components of the ISA (instruction set architecture).

16) Why ARM uses the...
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