Quiz 4

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Quiz 4 F10 - Editing, Acting & Sound  
Question 1 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) What is the imaginary, invisible wall that separates the audience from the stage called?  | A.| the first wall|
 | B.| the imagination wall|
| C.| the fourth wall|
 | D.| the aesthetic distance|
 Answer Key: C
The correct answer is "C" , the fourth wall.
Question 2 of 20     Score: 0   (of possible 5 points) Narration, unlike dialogue:
 | A.| is from a character in the story|
 | B.| is synchronous|
 | C.| usually involves one speaker|
 | D.| is hard to understand|
| E.| is always non-diegetic|
 Answer Key: C
The correct answer is "C" : usually involves one speaker.   Narration usually involves one speaker, dialogue is spoken by a number of characters in a film. Question 3 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) The Kuleshov Effect

 | A.| is an editing experiment created by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov.|  | B.| involved the editing of a closeup shot of an expressionless actor with three different images - a bowl of soup, a dead woman in a coffin and a little girl.|  | C.| proved that the editing of disparate shots can create new meaning not contained in each individual shot by itself.| | D.| all of the above|

 Answer Key: D
The correct answer is "D", all of the above.
Question 4 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) In terms of film history, the transition to sound began in what year?  | A.| 1897|
 | B.| 1907|
| C.| 1927|
 | D.| 1917|
 Answer Key: C
The correct answer is "C": 1927.
Question 5 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) This director believed that the power of film editing lie in the cut, which he saw as a collision of elements (shots).  | A.| D.W. Griffith|

| B.| Sergei Eisenstein|
 | C.| Louis Lumiere|
 | D.| V.I. Pudovkin|
 | E.| Dziga Vertov|
 Answer Key: B
The correct answer is "B": Sergei Eisenstein
Question 6 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) Bertolt Brecht wanted every aspect of a theatrical production to limit the audience's identification with characters and events, thereby creating a psychological distance between them known as the ____________. | A.| alienation effect|

 | B.| aesthetic distance|
 | C.| separation effect|
 | D.| appropriate distance|
 Answer Key: A
Question 7 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) In continuity editing, this is the preferred type of cut:
 | A.| Jump cut|
 | B.| Parallel cut|
 | C.| Dissolve|
 | D.| Wipe|
| E.| Match cut |
 Answer Key: E
Question 8 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) Parallel editing is
 | A.| cross-cutting between shots of different characters, usually in a conversation or confrontation.|  | B.| a style of editing that creates discontinuity.|
 | C.| a digital film editing technique that allows editors to cut a film more quickly.| | D.| the intercutting of two or more scenes that imply that they are occuring simultaneously.|  Answer Key: D

The correct answer is "D" the intercutting of two or more scenes that imply that they are occuring simultaneously. Question 9 of 20     Score: 5   (of possible 5 points) During the production of a film, if the camera "crossed the line" which of the answers below would best describe what the audience might see on screen?  | A.| A cut from a medium shot to a close-up shot of a character would have a gap in time, a "jump" would appear on screen.| | B.| Two characters would appear to switch places on screen from shot to shot.|  | C.| One shot will fade out while another fades in.|

 | D.| Two different shots containing different scenes will be viewed on screen simultaneously.|  Answer Key: B
The correct answer is "B":two characters would appear to switch places on screen from shot to shot....
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