Quiz 2 Wk 6

Topics: Health insurance, Insurance, Preferred provider organization Pages: 7 (1014 words) Published: April 14, 2015
Question 1
Companies can choose from which four classes of health insurance programs?

Fee-for-service, managed care, point-of-service, consumer-driven health care

Indemnity, health savings accounts, managed care, fee-for-service

Point-of-service, fee-for-service, indemnity, managed care

Self-funded, managed care, fee-for-service, point-of-service 0.2 points  
Question 2
Companies must offer HMOs if they are subject to the minimum wage provisions of FSLA. True
0.2 points  
Question 3
What are the three common forms of managed care plans?

Individual practice organizations, point-of-service plans, health maintenance organizations

Health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, point-of-service plans

Preferred provider organizations, point-of-service plans, individual practice organizations

Preferred provider organizations, health maintenance organizations, individual practice organizations 0.2 points  
Question 4
Single employees pay a larger percentage of their health care premium than employees with family coverage pay. True
False p 137
0.2 points  
Question 5
This consumer-driven health care option allows employees to contribute pre-tax wages annually to pay for qualified medical expenses, but they will lose the balance not used at year's end.

Flexible spending accounts

Health reimbursement arrangements

Health savings accounts

Flexible savings accounts
0.2 points  
Question 6
Employee costs for health care services tend to be least with managed care plans, higher costs are associated with the consumer driven health plans and even higher costs are associated with fee-for-service plans                                                   True

False p. 144 tricky because even higher are customer driven 0.2 points  
Question 7
P 146
Fee-for-service plans pay expenses according to a schedule of usual, customary and reasonable charges. True
False It’s POSp. 145
0.2 points  
Question 8
These types of insurance plans provide protection against health care expenses in the form of cash benefits paid to the insured or directly to the provider after the services are rendered.

Point-of-service plans

Managed care plans

Fee-for-service plans

Health savings accounts
0.2 points  
Question 9
What is coinsurance?

When both parents have employer-sponsored insurance coverage for their children

Two insurance companies combine to offer a group policy to an employer

The amount an employee has to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance kicks in

The percentage of covered expenses paid by the insured
0.2 points  
Question 10
The assets of health savings accounts must be held in trust and cannot be subject to forfeiture. True p. 159
0.2 points  
Question 11
These are the three main types of dental plans.

Dental fee-for-service, dental savings accounts, dental maintenance organizations

Dental savings accounts, dental maintenance organizations, dental service plans

Dental preferred provider organizations, dental maintenance organizations, dental service corporations

Dental fee-for-service, dental service corporations, dental maintenance organizations 0.2 points  
Question 12
Long-term disability insurance plans become effective following the end of short-term coverage and a 30 day elimination period. True
0.2 points  
Question 13
Pregnancy and child birth are considered disabilities and eligible for coverage under short-term disability insurance plans. True p. 175
0.2 points  
Question 14
Most short-term disability insurance plans pay employees around how much of their regular pre-tax salary? (Short-Term Disability Insurance Programs)

85 - 100%

35 - 50%

50 - 67%

40 - 59%
0.2 points  
Question 15
1.  ...
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