Topics: Mercedes-Benz, Audi Q7, Automotive industry Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: August 28, 2013

BMW India, seeing the sales of Mercedes Benz and Audi increase way beyond theirs in the first quarter of 2013 decided to start an aggressive sales campaign. As a part of their campaign an advertisement was made which featured BMW X5, Audi q7 and Mercedes Benz ml. The advertisement was shot in Manali Leh highway. The symbol of Audi and Mercdez Benz were blurred in the advertisement. It showed BMW X5 in a bright imperial blue colour driven by a young model wearing classy blue dress and a 7 year old child in the front passenger seat. Audi q7 was shown in a dull grey and Mercedez Benz ML was shown in black and was driven by a middle aged man and a young fat man respectively. Suddenly a tree falls across the road and the lady driving BMW X5 applies the breaks casually and the car eases to a stop. Other drivers hit the break hard but their cars dash into the tree. In the next scene BMW X5 is seen towing the other 2 crashed cars and other drivers with serious injury lying in the back seat of BMW X5. In the next scene, BMW X5 is seen spick and span, park outside a hospital where badly damages Audi and Benz lie besides it. The lady who drove the BMW X5 is shown puffing a cigarette, looking at the setting sun with the child by her side. The advertisement went viral affecting the sales of Audi q5 and Mercedez Benz ML You are the marketing manager of Audi India. How will you legally counter the strategy of BMW.
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