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How to Prepare for a Job Interview
You have just got your degree. You have applied for a fantastic job and are thrilled to get a letter inviting you to attend an interview. Once the euphoria has subsided you begin to feel a little nervous and delf-doubt begins to creep in. People worry that they may make fools of themselves or fall flat on their faces. The job interview is a hurdle that causes many people to panic. It ranks alongside a visit to the dentist in terms of fear and loathing. It makes people break out into cold sweats, sleep badly, and turns their stomachs into a sailor’s knot. Interviews can indeed be scary, especially if you have not been interviewed for a job before. However, a job interview does not need to be so traumatic as there are simple steps you can take to give yourself the best chance to succeed. To do well at an interview you have to find out as much as possible about the job, get a friend to give you a mock interview, and plan for the day well in advance. The first step is to find out about the company and position. Nearly all companies have a mission statement which outlines their aims, priorities and goals. The body shop, for example, is strongly against animal testing. Dropping hints at the interview that you are committed to animal rights will help convince the interview panel that your values match theirs. Another way to increase your knowledge of the company is to look at its ab=nnual report and organizational structure. Showing that you have taken the time to read lengthy and complex information related to the company is certain to be viewed favorably. The internet is a great source of information in this regard and it is also of value in that you can comment on the company’s website during the interview. You should also find out about any new products or services the company may be offering. If the job you are applying for is in marketing, for instance, the...
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