Quilts In Alice Walker's Everyday Use
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Many belongings mean more than others. The smallest of items can mean the most to some. These items can be used everyday, but then again some are put in glass cases to be kept forever in perfect condition. Emotional attachments can be why some of these things are considered so special. The smallest of things can mean the most, but yet again the biggest items can also be very important. In Everyday Use the title is used to incorporate the situation in which Dee doesn’t want her quilts to be used.
Oftentimes, families have special objects that are not to be touched or used by anyone; they’re simply just there to be observed. Some people believe that these objects are special enough to be just looked at, and if they were to be used they would crumble. One time when Dee was furious upon learning that her quilts were meant to be Maggies. Dee said at that instant, “She’d probably be backwards enough to put them to everyday use.” Dee was one of those people who was adamant on locking things away to preserve them. Therefore, Dee wanted her quilts to be admired and appreciated from afar, not to be touched.
On the other hand, there are some heirlooms that are for
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Maggie was promised the quilts by her mother with the intention of her using them on bed or just using them in any way she desired. Maggie became enraged when Dee tried to pry the old quilts from her mother with the intention of hanging them up and keeping them away. Maggie knew that Dee always got whatever she wanted, and also knew that if she got ahold of them that she wouldn’t have any use for them. The quilts were a way to remember Grandma Dee, and she was the woman who had taught Maggie how to quilt. Much to Maggie’s surprise her mother had gotten the quilts back from Dee saying, “Take one or two of the others.” With Dee finally in her place, their mother decided she would give the quilts to whomever would use them

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